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MSBOA District Solo & Ensemble 2018

By: Webmaster|Date: Feb 21, 2018|Tags: Arts, Elementary, School News, Secondary


On Saturday, February 10, Middle School band members participated in MSBOA District Solo & Ensemble, held at Livonia Franklin High School. Our 29 students participated in a total of 36 events and each represented Plymouth Christian Academy with dignity, class, and grace.

Students are assessed on their tone, intonation, technique, rhythm, and musical interpretation. Afterwards, the adjudicator rates the student(s) I-V (highest-lowest). The Middle School Band events include:

Receiving a medal and rating of a “I”

    Aidan Spehar & Nolan Chubb – Trumpet Duet
    Aidan Spehar – Trumpet Solo
    Brady Smith – Trombone Solo
    Brady Smith, Anthony Chaloub, and Isaac Demko – Low Brass Trio
    Caleb Cameron & Evan Loiselle – Low Brass Duet
    Caleb Cameron – Tuba Solo
    Caleb Cameron – Piano Solo
    Christina Bilko & Gloria Brown – Flute Duet
    Christina Bilko – Flute Solo
    Evan Loiselle – Trombone Solo
    Gabe McLaren, Kyle Quick, and Anthony Chaloub – Mixed Trio
    Gloria Brown – Flute Solo
    Gloria Brown – Piano Solo
    Grace Fernandes – Flute Solo
    Jackson Ellinger, Hayden Schils, and Nolan Chubb – Mixed Trio
    John Harju & Aidan Spehar – Trumpet Duet
    Kayla Kendrick & Caitlin Cantrell – Woodwind Duet
    Kayla Powell & Grace Fernandes – Flute Duet

Receiving a medal and rating of a “II”

    Adam Moore, John Harju, and Jon Ross – Trumpet Trio
    Anthony Chaloub – Piano Solo
    Caitlin Cantrell & Kayla Powell – Woodwind Duet
    Christopher Gehringer & Mitchell Maxwell – Percussion Duet
    Conner Cutshall, Jon Ross, and Isaac Demko – Mixed Trio
    Evan Fischer & Jackson Ellinger – Mixed Duet
    Evan Fischer, Hayden Schils, and Brody Gibson – Saxophone Trio
    Evan Loiselle, Kyle Quick, and Jackson Ellinger- Low Brass Trio
    Gabe McLaren – Alto Saxophone Solo
    Kayla Kendrick & Christina Bilko – Flute Duet
    Kyle Quick – Trombone Solo
    Logan Harris – Clarinet Solo
    Logan Harris & Caitlin Cantrell – Clarinet Duet
    Nolan Chubb – Piano Solo

      Other prepared events – receiving “Comments Only”

        Conner Cutshall, Adam Moore, and Christopher Gehringer- Mixed Trio
        Gabe McLaren, Conner Cutshall, and Timothy Perumalla – Alto Saxophone Trio
        Nicole Katrib – Clarinet Solo

      Congratulations to all who participated in the Middle School MSBOA District Solo & Ensemble!

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