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Let the Races Begin

By: Webmaster|Date: Feb 23, 2019|Tags: School News, Secondary


Science at Plymouth Christian Academy is becoming more STEM focused with every semester. And thanks to Middle School Science Teacher, Deb Hope, the projects are taking on challenges that many have waited until college to experience. Every day, her science classes, also known as PCA Hope’s Hangout, are filled with projects that make students use their critical learning skills and solve real-world problems. The latest adventure in PCA Hope’s Hangout culminated on Friday, February 22, 2019 in the pool at Lifetime Fitness in Canton.

The objective: Students used the engineering design process to work collaboratively with their team (2-4 students) to design and build a boat using only paper cardboard, regular duct tape, and small bubble wrap. Students had to submit a “blueprint” of their design before they could begin to build their boat. The goal was to successfully carry at least one passenger across the length of the swimming pool in the least amount of time.

The project gave students the opportunity to apply science principles and design a boat. The boats had specific limitations in mind for a known purpose and needed to be able to race successfully across the length of the lap pool. Throughout the activity, students pulled from several STEM disciplines and applied it to the building of their boat. Some of the concepts included: fluid flow, pressure, and buoyancy; Newton’s third law; center of gravity; relationships between displacement, velocity, and acceleration; using multiple measurements of the same data points to obtain an average for data points.

On Friday, February 22, the students and their boats made their way to Lifetime Fitness where the competition began. Three awards were at stake; The SUPERSONIC award for the fastest boat. The MICHAELANGELO award for the most creative design. The TITANIC award for the boat with the most spectacular sinking.

And the winners were…


$$$ Easy Money Clan with a time of 19.69
Team Members: Christian C, Ryan A, Aiden R, & John H

Winner of the Supersonic Award


Team Members: Caroline W, Sarah B, Pearl L, Anna V

Winner of the Michaelangelo Award


Team Members: Joshua J, Aidan S, Anthony C, Angelina H

Winner of the Titanic Award

Congratulations to all who took part in this amazing project. More photos can be found at PCA Hope’s Hangout FB page.

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