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An Encouraging Word

By: Webmaster|Date: Feb 8, 2016|Tags: School News


“Lighten up! Laughter is good medicine – it’s a great ‘shock absorber’ for life’s bumps. Don’t miss out on the continual feast of a cheerful heart. A happy heart makes your face cheerful.” Proverbs 17:22; 15:13-15 You know the scenario – and it’s not a pretty sight. The day begins badly. Tension fills the house. The family is at each other’s throats. Even the family pet seems to have an attitude. An argument starts. Tempers flare. Accusations fly. Violence erupts as a deadly pillow is thrown across the room. Who can remedy this deplorable situation? Who can rescue the day? What can restore peace, order, and the American way? Who, who, who? Only two people can bring this chaos under control – you – Super Dad and Mom. And what weaponry will you use to stop this rushing wall of tension that threatens all of mankind? Laughter. You find the humor in the moment, and you laugh. When dad and mom laughs, everyone laughs. If joy is good medicine, then the laughter of a parent is a miracle cure. It short-circuits the temper, drowns the fires of tension, and calms the tempest.

A heavy air of tension covers our society. It can seep into the home and poison the air before you know what’s happening. But it cannot infiltrate a home filled with laughter. So laugh a lot. Look for the lighter side. Your laughter is infectious – it heals and refreshes. It reminds the family that things are never as bad as they may seem. When there is laughter, hope can grow. Where there is hope, faith thrives. Where there is faith, the Savior reigns. Where the Savior rules the heart, joy is made complete. Let his love live in you richly, and laughter will come easily. No, you will not be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, but you will be able to lift your family above the daily struggles of life. Say, do you always wear the cape around the house?” (Excerpts taken from: Hugs for Mom by John Smith)

I am praying for you!
Mrs. Huntsman

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