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An Encouraging Word

By: Webmaster|Date: Sep 26, 2015|Tags: School News


Homework is a reality of any k-12 student today.
Obviously, depending on your child’s study habits and abilities, homework time can be easy or stressful. Here are some tips for success that I learned when raising my children.

    1. Pray for guidance, understanding, strength and the ability to read your child as you work with them.
    2. Keep homework time balanced with breaks for theirs (and your) Stress release.
    3. We read the material out loud when studying. I learned this strategy with my own learning. I found that information would not go into my short or long term memory unless I heard myself say it.
    4. If someone starts to cry because it’s too hard to understand (you or your child) stop! Email the teacher and get ready for bed.
    5. Keep a reasonable bed time! Sleep is paramount for learning.
    6. Please don’t hesitate to contact your child’s teacher or me if you need strategies! There is always hope until you’re dead. . . Ecclesiastes 9:4, “But he who is joined with all the living has hope.”

Keep up the good work! Love, Mrs. Huntsman

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